7 Words – “Improving Christian Performance through Cross Training”

When we hear the term “cross-training” today, it usually refers to an athlete who trains in some sports activity other than the one in which that athlete competes.  The goal is to improve overall physical performance.  Furthermore, cross-training can also refer to the combining of exercises in one’s personal work-out routine to work varying muscle groups and different parts of the body.  While these two types of cross-training certainly have their place of importance, there is another type of cross-training that is of far greater importance and lasting value.

The cross-training in mind here is the one that Jesus provided with his last seven words or sayings from the cross on which he died.  The last words of famous people just prior to their deaths has had an ongoing fascination for many through the years, because last words can give some insight into the final mindset of the people in question and what they wanted to leave as guiding direction for those left behind.  With this in mind, Jesus’ last words do not disappoint.

While Jesus last sayings were technically not his last words, since he arose from the dead to speak again, he nevertheless did express and leave behind poignant truth that when applied can exercise various spiritual muscle groups and improve overall Christian performance.

CrossPointe Church will explore the last sayings of Jesus from the cross in the two week message series 7 Words on Sunday, April 13th, and Easter Sunday, April 20th.

This will be the concluding message series at CrossPointe Church.  It has been the distinct honor and pleasure of the pastor, staff, and members of CrossPointe Church to serve the body of Christ and you the Midlothian community.

Happy Easter!

He is risen! 

Grace to you! 




















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